Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Blog Site!

Ok everyone, I've taken your advice and I'm moving over to Hands Not Full.

I'm leaving everything here as it is for posterity :D

See ya'll on the other side.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Name change?

So I'm thinking about changing the name of this blog.
While I truly do feel I'm a bad homeschool mom, I do love my kids and I'm not a bad mom...and...perhaps, just perhaps, I wouldn't get so burnt out if I didnt think I was so bad??

Anyhow, a few options:

Milk Stains - Sometimes on my shirt, sometimes on the carpet, a few in the van...

The Last Jellybean - the one no one wants because it's black licorice flavor ;)

Hands Not Full - I'm already slowly transitioning my email handle to this, and after all, my hands are SO not full and ready for more!

Leave as is.

Vote below the gratuitous picture of Mister Giggles, aka mister perfect. Not sure where this pic came from, I think the Train swiped my camera last week. I'm assuming he's also the one behind the 15 minute clips of Diego on my camera ;)

Douse me, would you please? (UPDATED)

I'm on fire, and not the good kind of "wow, you're hot!!" fire either, more like the "wow, I think that vein in your neck is going to blow!" fire.

Have I mentioned this book I'm writing lately (the bottom of the page)? Yeah, I hate it now. I'm so sick of....ME!!!!

My dear friend Terri, my mentor, a writer and a mom who managed to graduate 3 kids from homeschooling, told me I'm burnt out.

I managed 5 minutes alone in the tub last night to think (and 3 hours lying awake in bed, the insomnia bug has hit again) about burn out. What causes it?

1. Expecting too much from my kids. Expecting them to act like adults? Expecting the littles to act like the bigs? Expecting them to have the maturity of people twice their age? Expecting them to have the same standards of cleanliness that I want to have?

2. Expecting too much from myself? I'm already nurse, mom, shoe-finder, writer, daughter, wife, friend, chef, accountant, diaper changer, Heimlich manuverer, the person who cleans up the dog vomit, teacher, secretary, zookeeper....heck, if I can manage to stay regular without metamucil I'm having a good day. Perhaps it's not a crisis if we have to reuse our socks one day? The thought creeps me out but something's gotta give.

3. Expecting too much from my husband? As if it's not enough that he has a job that keeps him away 12 hours a day (2-3 of which is driving time), I expect him to be able to come home and pick up the pieces of myself that have spilled on the floor?

4. Comparing myself to everyone else? Letting others hold US to THEIR standards? Why does my house have to be spotless and my kid doing math 4 grade levels ahead just because yours is?

5. Letting the everyday stuff get to me? Sometimes I feel like I focus too much on the little stuff (clean house, skipping schoolwork for a few days, matching shoes) so I don't have as much time to think about the major stuff. A clean house I can somewhat control, I can't make my children NOT have a genetic defect. I can double up on the math lessons one day, I can't make my 16 month old not do that holding his hands over his ears and screaming thing.

Input? How do you deal with burn out? How do you pick up the pieces, get over yourself, and get back on track?


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